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The 16th international (Germany) solar photovoltaic conference and exhibition
From: ZLPOWER   Addtime: 2016-5-26 11:35:25

1. Solar photovoltaic cells, silicon wafers, solar photovoltaic module, photovoltaic inverter, pv system installation, tracking photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic manufacturing equipment, solar cable, connectors, and solar junction box, independent photovoltaic power system, solar charger and battery, solar energy products (solar lights and solar toys, etc.)

2. Collector, coating, solar heat storage tank, the system of field installation, fittings, expansion tank, deaerator, heat transfer fluid, solar thermal manufacturing machinery and equipment, solar tracking system and power station, solar energy air conditioning refrigeration

3. The measurement and control technology, solar glass, installation support, financial and promote research and development, education and training, solar building, tradable publications and publishing company, system technology (wholesale and retail), organization and association and other

Exhibition introduction:

The exhibition is the largest and most influential solar energy professional exhibition fair in the world so far, gathering all famous enterprises in the international industry.German international solar show interSolar Europe began in 2000, every year, is the world's largest professional solar technology exhibition, focusing on the light electricity, solar thermal and solar building technology, by the German solar energy co., LTD., Germany's solar industry alliance, the German solar energy association, the European photovoltaic industry association, the European solar industry federation, the international solar energy society jointly hosted.In 2013 all the figures for the show hit another record high.88% of the exhibitors think the audience quality of the exhibition is good, and 90% of the audience are satisfied with the exhibition.

The outstanding performance of the Chinese exhibition group in this exhibition reflects the unique advantages of Chinese enterprises in the utilization of solar energy resources.During this exhibition, various Chinese companies have gained a lot and received a good response to various business appeals.The exhibitors said that they not only achieved the goal of consolidating the original customer relationship, but also reached the expectation of meeting new customers.Therefore, 97% of the exhibitors affirmed the important value and positive significance of participating in the international solar energy trade technology exposition.More than 90 percent of the exhibitors expressed confidence and expectation for the market development in the next few years due to the current tight world energy trend.At the same time, almost all exhibitors have expressed their intention to attend the next exhibition under the situation that both the industry trend and the exhibition effect are promising.In addition, due to the concentration of merchants and endless opportunities for negotiation, most exhibitors said that they would consider increasing the booth area when attending the next exhibition.Please reserve the area as soon as possible.