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  Product Name: MINI LW Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Mode No. : Mini LW 500-1000W
Classification: Low frequency Inverter
All kinds of home/office appliances, solar power system and other equipments which use single phase power.
  Product Name: MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Mode No. : SL series
Classification: Solar Charge Controller
Mainly used for solar power station, home solar power system, solar street light control system,mobile solar system.
  Product Name: SNMP Card
Mode No. : SNMP Card
Classification: Power Management
SNMP UPSilon 2000 Applied to remote monitoring the UPS in network rack frame, computer and data center...
  Product Name: UPS smart GSM message alarmer
Mode No. : UPS smart GSM message alarmer
Classification: Power Management
Mornintoring abnormal status of UPS at real-time or query UPS perfermance status through GSM message.
  Product Name: AS400 Card
Mode No. : AS400 Card
Classification: Power Management
AS400 dry-contact card
  Product Name: Sealed Free Maintenance Lead Acid Battery
Mode No. : NP Model 12V 4A-200Ah
Classification: Battery&Battery Cabinet
Extensively used in wide area of application like: UPS, Inverter, Telecom, Emergency lights, solar systems...
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