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EX1-3K Series High Frequency Online UPS
  Product Name: EX1-3K Series High Frequency Online UPS
Mode No. : EX2K,EX2KL,EX3K,EX3KL
Classification: On-line UPS
EX1-3K online UPS is specially designed for servers data-center critical network devices,sensitive electronicequipments, telecom,bank,hospital,traffic,Army,ATM and so on.
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Main Features

1. Large Blue Ground LCD digital display shows Detail Real-Time UPS Status and parameters.

2. Set output voltage, Frequency parameter and Bypass function on the display.

3. Advanced MCU microprocessor control Technology, ensure long life reliability.

4. Excellent Protection against over voltage, overload, over current, overcharge and so on.

5. Input L and N lines reverse wiring detection.

6. DC start function, input PFC revises function.

7. Humanized bypass output adjustable.

8. RS232 intelligent communication monitoring.

9. AS-400 Dry contact and SNMP card remote intelligent control.

10. Strong anti-jamming capability.

11. Available to work with generators.

12. Lightning, surge, short-circuit, network/fax/modem surge protection.