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Online Rack Mount 1~10KVA UPS
  Product Name: Online Rack Mount 1~10KVA UPS
Mode No. : RM series 1~10KVA
Classification: On-line UPS
Rack Mount 1KVA-10KVA UPS. It is 19'design, 2U/3U height high frequency online UPS.
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Main Features:

*Output voltage, frequency parameter and bypass function can be set via the LCD display.
*LED Indicators display Detailed Real-Time UPS Status and parameters.
*True online double conversion technology with advanced microprocessor control
*Advanced MCU microprocessor control technology, ensure long life reliability.
*Rack mount 19”design to save space
*Excellent Protection against over voltage, over load, over current, over charge and so on.
*Input L and N lines reverse wiring detection, Auto start when AC back.
*DC start function, Input PFC revise function.
*Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software.
*Intelligent slot available for AS-400 Dry contact and SNMP card Remote control.
*Rack mount battery pack to extend backup time.