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3/3Phase High frequency Online UPS
  Product Name: 3/3Phase High frequency Online UPS
Mode No. : EX33 series 20~80KVA
Classification: 3-Phase UPS
Compatible with generator,DSP control,Double CPU control,Battery can be sharing,Up to 8 units in parallel.
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Three phase High frequency online UPS EX3320K-EX3380K is IGBT rectified uninterruptible power supply 20KVA to 80KVA, Three phase 4line and ground, 0.8 output power factor and DSP chip, is applicable to small and medium-sized data centers, network management center, computer rooms for enterprises, or able to provide solutions to conditions like voltage instantaneous drop-off or damping concussion, high-voltage pulse, voltage pulsation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, and frequency fluctuation.

Main Features:

*Excellent performance in industrial environment protection
*N+X parallel redundancy (compatible to battery share in the parallel mode)
*Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging
*Frontal-board LCD display panel operation and maintenance
*Twin-channel line input
*Remote monitoring 
*High-efficient DSP chip
*Outstanding electric property
*Flexible battery arrangement