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PSC Inverter series 3KVA/5KVA
  Product Name: PSC Inverter series 3KVA/5KVA
Mode No. : PSC3K-24,PSC5K-48,PSC5K-96
Classification: High frequency Inverter
PSC LCD digital display high frequency pure sine wave Inverter 3KVA,5KVA,with charger function, most suitable for home and office appliances, solar systems, mobile PowerStation.
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Main Features

1. PSC Series AC charging Inverter. 

2. LCD digital display will show voltage, frequency, battery and load information.

3. Built in AC charger will charge batteries automatically.

4. High-frequency switching technology for compact size and light weight.

5. High efficient DC-to-AC conversion minimizing energy loss.

6 High power density design.

7. Intelligent cooling fan speed control determined by loads.

8. CPU Control.

9. Multiple protection:Input low voltage/Overload/Short circuit/Low battery alarm/Input over voltage/over temperature.