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Three Phase Low Frequency Online UPS
  Product Name: Three Phase Low Frequency Online UPS
Mode No. : GP33 sereis 10~200KVA
Classification: 3-Phase UPS
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GP33 series Low frequency Online UPS is most advanced and new intelligent digital UPS by ZLPOWER range from 10kva to 200kva, three phases input and output.
It is combined with high speed MCU, advanced CPLD technology, the sixth generation low consume large power, IGBT and static switch.
Widely used in IDC data exchange center, telecommunication, data center, banks, negotiable securities, traffic, arms, security, electronics, industry, large enterprises and so on.
Main Features:
*Intelligent inspect and monitor UPS systems every second
*The sixth generation IGBT inverter technology
*High definition touch screen LCD display and LED indicators, can show directly UPS status and operation, data records in table format, and events records.
*Adopts knock-down modular design, easy to maintain and save resources much; It is with new advanced turbofan which can release heat well and save energy; It also use non-circumfluence controlled circuit, can save electric much; GP33 UPS adopts green commute and inverter technology, ensure to provide clear energy for users; Its advanced digital circuit technology let whole UPS with 80% more life than before.
*Excellent load characters can fulfill with suddenly change load from 0 to 100%, and no need to invert to bypass, ensure output stable and reliable.
*Well-equipped protection function, including alarm function and excellent input and output under voltage overflow protection, input surge protection, phase failure protection, battery overcharge and over discharge protection, output overload short circuit protection, over heat protection and so on.  
*Three phase can equal stable voltage and control separately, in order to control instantaneous overload degree of equal, realize output imbalance 100% load.
*Optional input harmonic filter or Twelve-pulse rectifier can restrain input harmonic pollution efficiently, improve UPS input power factor, and minish input harmonic current.
*Optional battery inspection module can test specification of every battery, and show on display. If battery faulty, will alarm immediately and inform administrators.
*Special set: can set UPS work status according to requirements of electric. User can choose from UPS operate mode, ECO save energy operate mode and EPS operate mode.