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  Product Name: SNMP Card
Mode No. : SNMP Card
Classification: Power Management
SNMP UPSilon 2000 Applied to remote monitoring the UPS in network rack frame, computer and data center...
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When UPS power supply fail, the network servers and work stations will auto shutdown in turn safely to prevent data from loss and hardware damage, which cost an unredeemable loss. Get to know the failure information and warning information of the UPS and its ambient by simple communication methods (mobile phone, email, phone line, network, etc.), making the administrators are able to master the problem with effective solutions before it affects the system usability.
SNMP Features:
1. Reduce the cost that the user spent on UPS power in the computer network   system and make the management more effective to the power system.
2. Round-the-clock real-time monitor and manage.
3. Make the management and maintenance work easier for users.
4. Improve the stability and reliability of the UPS power and the safety of the computer network.
5. User can get timely information about the failure of UPS power system.
6. Make sure the data in the user server safer.
7. Centralized network monitoring the ambient environment of the operation center, such as temperature and humidity, at the same time of UPS monitoring.