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Low frequency Inverter LW1000-6000W
  Product Name: Low frequency Inverter LW1000-6000W
Mode No. : LW1000,LW2000,LW3000,LW5000,LW6000
Classification: Low frequency Inverter
Based on transformer technology,strong loading capacity.Used for all kinds of home/office equipments,solar power system.
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Main Features

1. LCD digital display show voltage, load and battery info in real time.

2. Peak power is three times of rated power.

3. Can work with inductive load such as air conditioner, motor door and so on.

4. Pure sine wave output, available for sensitive load.

5. 4-step progressive charging, 7 battery type selector.

6. Fast and powerful charger with 20A/35A/50A/70A/90A.

7. Accept generator’s energy output.

8. High power factor 1.0, low power consumption.

9. Automatically transfer between battery and line modes.

10.Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability.

11.Remote control function.

12.Protection against: Over load, over temperature, over charging, low battery.