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T1-3K Series High Frequency Online UPS
  Product Name: T1-3K Series High Frequency Online UPS
Mode No. : T1K,T1KL
Classification: On-line UPS
T1-3K online UPS is specially designed for servers data-center critical network devices,sensitive electronicequipments, telecom,bank,hospital,traffic,Army,ATM and so on.
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Main Features

1. Advanced MCU microprocessor control Technology, ensure long life reliability.

2. Excellent Protection against over voltage, overload, over current, overcharge and so on.

3. Input L and N lines reverse wiring detection.

4. DC start function, input PFC revises function.

5. Humanized bypass output adjustable.

6. RS232 intelligent communication monitoring.

7. AS-400 Dry contact and SNMP card remote intelligent control.

8. Strong anti-jamming capability.

9. Available to work with generators.

10. Lightning, surge, short-circuit, network/fax/modem surge protection.