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CX1K/1KL Series High Frequency Online UPS
  Product Name: CX1K/1KL Series High Frequency Online UPS
Mode No. : CX1K/1KL
Classification: On-line UPS
CX1-3K series high frequency online UPS is specially designed for sensitive electronic equipment, hospital, traffic, public security, ATM and so on
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Main Features

1. Advanced DSP numerical control technology application, the performance of UPS is more stable, more superior quality.

2. The load power factor is 0.8

3. Adopting digital control of active power factor correction technology, make the input power factor above 0.98, to avoid the pollution to power network, achieve energy saving, reduce the investment cost of the system.

4. A very wide range of input voltage and frequency, even in remote parts of electric power environment is very bad to normal power supply, reduce the number of battery discharge, improve the service life of the battery.

5.Can match generator to use, Input voltage and frequency range is wide, can effectively isolate the generator of electricity, to provide clean, safe and stable power supply load.

6. Grid is not stable, UPS power supply mode conversion time is zero, effectively ensure the security and reliability of the load operation.

7. Smart slot can provide abundant extensible function; can choose to install Winpower, SNMP card.